Thank You for visiting! We’re experiencing a transformation and are in process reformatting the layout of the website. Please bear with us while we ”over haul” this site. In the mean time , we’ve received a wide variety of NEW & USED merchandise! Feel free to call For the latest information about Stephanie’s Discount Depot’s newest and gently used arrivals!

Our 15k sq. ft. store represents a somewhat newer and rapidly growing industry in the marketplace. Our statement that we’re “Redefining the Re Sale Experience” is more than a slogan – it’s our Mission. Everything we offer and everything we do is driven by our commitment to WOW our customers. From our vast selection of inventory to our menu of services, Stephanie’s is markedly different from rest of the pack.
Our INVENTORY– New and Used, Modern and Vintage, is sure to satisfy a variety of Tastes and Budgets Stephanie’s is NOT a thrift store and we don’t rely on “garage sale leftovers’ and donated items to make up our inventory. We PURCHASE our inventory to ensure an impressive collection of items for re-sale. We attend auctions estate sales and liquidations and respond to hundreds of calls weekly from people with items to sell. The result of all of this treasure-hunting is a store that’s packed with contemporary and vintage merchandise that we know customers are looking for. You’ll find that our prices generally run 1/3-1/2 of retail pricing, offering huge savings to our customers. We make it possible for people to afford quality items for less … and add an extraordinary assortment of unique and one-of-a kind pieces for our more sophisticated shoppers. We study the marketplace extensively to determine what people are currently paying for like items to make certain that our prices are competitive and that our customers can shop with confidence in the value of their purchases.
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